About Stall Grazer

25 Years ago we found a problem that needed solving.

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In nature or on a pasture, horses will eat for approximately 17 hours each day slowly ingesting forage with the head down. We brought horses from their natural environment into barns, box stalls and pens without consideration of how they are designed to eat.

What is the problem?

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In the past and even today, many feeders attach to the stall wall or corral fence approximately four feet off of the ground and hold only one or two flakes of hay. Horses teeth do not align until their head is at ground level. Hanging feeders force the horse to pull the hay from the feeder and eat it off the ground. Feeding two flakes twice a day will cause horses to gorge their feed and consume all the hay within an hour or less leaving the stomach empty for an extended period of time until we feed them again 12 hours later and the process is repeated.

We have the solution!

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Our company president, has owned many horses in his lifetime and shows performance horses competitively to this day.

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Having observed horses in his barns pulling hay from their feeders onto the stall floor he recognized a problem. He began to research the eating habits of the horse extensively and was able to find a solution.

Stall Grazer feeds horses the way nature intended.

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Our Stall Grazer family of 3 in 1 feeders sit at ground level allowing your horses to eat comfortably with their head down and hold enough hay that your horse is never without feed, slowing the feed intake down dramatically.

This slow consumption allows the horse to digest their feed properly and reduces production of acid on an empty stomach.

Stall Grazer Has Many Benefits

  • Sits at ground level and allows your horses to eat comfortably with their head down and teeth aligned in a natural grazing position
  • Happier and healthier horses
  • Less mess in stalls & less cleaning labor
  • The savings on feed, shavings and labor return your investment year after year
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Separate compartments for hay, grain and salt
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Three Styles

3-in-1 Corner Feeder

3-in-1 Flat Wall Feeder

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