Corner Feeders

by | Jan 29, 2017

The Original Pro Panel 3-in-1 Corner Feeders

It’s been over 20 years ago now that I stood in the alley of my barn watching our horses tear the hay out of their hanging hay feeders and pull it to the ground. We were hauling out almost half the hay we were feeding at cleaning time after it became contaminated with manure and urine on the stall floor. I was designing a lot of stall equipment in those days for high end stables and veterinary clinics but had paid little attention to the horse feeder aspect of the business. It made me wonder what it was that we were doing wrong when it came to horses in stalls and their hay feeders.

As I studied the problem and paid more attention to my own horses eating habits it became clearer to me that we had it all wrong as an industry when it came to the design of horse feeders and how our horses eat.

Conventional horse feeders of the time were almost all elevated on a wall in the stall. The problem was and still is in many cases, and with a lot of horse feeders even today, is that a horse needs to eat with its head down as they do in nature. It is not a matter of preference it is a matter of necessity. A horse’s teeth do not align for chewing with the head elevated. They will pull it out of the feeder onto the ground.

Pro Panel went on to design the very first 3 in 1 corner horse feeders the industry had ever seen and it worked like a charm. Our horses were happier and healthier as a result and we experienced virtually no wasted hay. Today we manufacture 3 horse feeders in our Stall Grazer line and are endorsed by more Million Dollar Riders, veterinary hospitals and universities than any other horse feeder in the world.
Visit us today at Stall Grazer for an in depth look at our line of Stall Grazer horse feeders and the original corner feeders.  You can find a local certified Pro Panel 3-in-1 Horse Feeder dealer, contact us directly or order now!