Craig Schmersal


Craig Schmersal is one of the youngest riders to ever reach the NRHA’s top ten list to hit Three Million Dollar rider status.

Craig has won several AQHA and NRHA Open World Championships as well as the NRBC Open Derby Classic (2010) and the NRHA Open Derby Reserve Champion on Boom Shernic. Craig has also competed on the 2002 United States Equestrian Team, where they took home the Gold medal for their country. Every year Craig Schmersal showcases his training excellence by submitting multiple horses to the NRHA Open Futurity finals.

Craig works with every level of horse from novices to seasoned expert horses, working with his staff to ride a vast assortment of horses and help amateurs reach their full potential.

Craig Schmersal heavily endorses and works with ProPanel 3-in-1 Stallgrazer Horse Feeders every day. When asked about our product, Craig proudly stated “we have 75 stalls, and we have 1 in every stall. I wouldn’t be without them.”


Four Million Dollar Rider

8 Time World Champion

NRHA Open Derby Champion