ProPanel Feeders Help Reduce Colic

by | Jul 2, 2012

Over time with a ProPanel® feeder,you will see a change in the way your horse eats. Instead of rapidly consuming all the hay at feeding time twice daily the horses start to eat smaller portions and nibble at the feed all day long as they do in nature. Instead of developing bad stall habits they comfortably and slowly eat their feed.

The horse is a browser and by nature wants to eat approximately 17 hours a day and it is virtually impossible for a horse’s to eat with its head elevated. Horses teeth do not come into alignment until the head is in the down position. The ProPanel 3 in 1 horse feeder sits at ground level allowing your horses to eat comfortably so they do not need to pull your expensive hay out onto the ground. The hay stays in the feeder and your horse is not eating off the ground ingesting sand and other colic causing materials.