Feeding horses the way nature intended

When horses are taken from their natural environment where they graze approximately 17 hours a day and put into barns, box stalls and pens, there needs to be consideration of how they were designed to eat. We’ve made those considerations for you.

Stall Grazer Horse Feeders

3-in-1 Corner Feeder

3-in-1 Flat Wall Feeder

junior cube feeder

3-in-1 Junior Cube Feeder

Stall Grazer is used by more Equine Universities, Veterinary Clinics, and Million Dollar Riders than any other horse feeder on the market today.

Stall Grazer Horse Feeders

Encourages natural grazing.

Sits at ground level and allows your horses to eat comfortably with their head down and teeth aligned in a natural grazing position.

Healthy Horses. Cleaner stalls.

Horses are healthier and happier and will keep the hay in the feeder and not out on the ground or stall floor.

Save $$$. Easy install.

The savings on feed, shavings and labor return your investment year after year. Installation is fast and easy!

Featured Endorsers

Lyndsay Sears

Todd Bergen

John Swales

Jordan Larson

Pro Panel 3-in-1 horse feeders are used and endorsed by more million dollar riders than any other feeder on the market